Navigating the Complexities of U.S. Customs for Your Business

Customs Brokerage Services

As a trusted subsidiary of Armlogi, Andtech Customs Broker stands as a reliable partner for businesses. Equipped with a U.S. customs broker license, we specialize in ensuring your cargo pass all regulatory hurdles seamlessly.

Our Comprehensive Services
  • Documentation Handling: We collect all requisite documents, ensuring they’re complete and accurate.
  • Valuation Review: Assessing the accurate value of the goods to meet compliance.
  • Product Classification: Correctly categorizing products to ensure proper duty calculations.
  • Electronic Submissions: Efficiently transmitting all data directly to customs.
  • Duty & Fee Management: Accurate collection and timely payment of all applicable duties, tariffs, and fees.
Ensuring Compliance
Navigating regulatory requirements can be intricate. Our team collaborates with clients to
  • Develop Product Databases: Crucial in the current economic climate with rising trade tensions and changing tariffs.
  • Create Compliance Manuals: Comprehensive guides tailored to your business needs.
  • Conduct Periodic Internal Audits: Assessing and ensuring ongoing adherence to all regulations.
Training & Consultation
Beyond our direct services, we also empower our customers
  • Training Seminars: Knowledge-sharing sessions to enhance your team’s understanding of customs regulations.
  • Trade Consulting: Personalized advice and strategies to optimize and improve your import/export efficiency.
In a world of shifting trade landscapes, our expertise simplifies the process for our customers. We don’t just clear cargo; we build lasting partnerships, ensuring that your business remains compliant, efficient, and ahead of the curve.