Expanding Horizons: Introducing Our International Ocean Freight Services

A Seamless Journey from Overseas Factories to U.S. Doorsteps

Transportation Services

Armlogi offers unmatched transportation and logistics services by integrating third-party carriers, ensuring that our customers receive top-tier transportation solutions tailored to their specific needs.
International Ocean Freight Services
  • Launched in January 2023: A groundbreaking addition to our suite of services.
  • Partnerships with Major Carriers: Collaborating with global leaders like Cosco Shipping Lines, Evergreen Line, and Ocean Network Express, we bring your goods safely across the oceans.
  • All-Inclusive Service: From initial coordination with overseas factories to customs clearance and final delivery in the U.S., we have every detail covered.
  • Optimized for Manufacturers: Overseas manufacturers can streamline their logistics, focusing solely on crafting quality products for their consumers.

Armlogi delivers a full spectrum of value-added services, encompassing everything from ocean freight to last-mile delivery, sales forecasts, and inventory planning. Our modular solutions, designed for seamless adoption, are set to redefine the customer experience, facilitating our rapid and cost-effective expansion.