We provide one-stop warehousing and logistics services to cross-border e-commerce merchants outside the U.S. who seek to sell and establish overseas warehouses in the U.S. market.
We currently operate twelve warehouses across the country, with an aggregate gross floor area greater than 2,500,000 square feet. Our warehouses are equipped with an automated sorting system, heavy-duty forklifts, and pallets and trays that are particularly suitable for processing bulky items.
As a one-stop warehousing and logistics service provider, we offer a full spectrum of services. Click on the following pages to learn more about our service offerings.
Port Trucking Excellence
  • Drayage Services: Transporting containers for short metropolitan distances from ports to various destinations.
  • State-of-the-Art Fleet: Our trucks are routinely serviced and feature the latest GPS tracking technology.
  • Fast & Reliable: Speedy transportation of customs-cleared goods to U.S. storage facilities, including Amazon’s FBA and our proprietary warehouses.
Crafted with meticulous care, the Armlogi OMS development involved
  • Purpose & Features: & Tracking: Determining the system’s intent and attributes, aligning them with user requirements and business goals.
  • Blueprint Creation: Detailed system architecture, data modeling, and user interface designs.
  • Coding & Testing: Comprehensive software component development, rigorous functionality, performance, and security testing.
  • Launch & Support: Launch & Support
Warehouse Solutions

We extend our logistics prowess beyond just port trucking, offering specialized warehousing services tailored to individual e-commerce needs

Amazon’s FBA Warehousing

  • A Gateway to Amazon: Through Amazon’s FBA, merchants can effortlessly store, package, and ship their products.
  • Expertise in Preparation: Amazon’s FBA comes with specific guidelines. Leveraging our vast experience, we adeptly prepare shipments, ensuring compliance. From container receipt to repackaging to meet FBA requirements, we handle it all, facilitating smooth deliveries to Amazon’s FBA hubs.
Armlogi’s Warehousing Network
Versatile Solutions: Understanding the diverse e-commerce strategies of our clients, we facilitate deliveries to our twelve warehouses across the U.S. for a myriad of services – from storage to order fulfillment for various online platforms.

Combining our transportation and warehousing expertise, we provide a seamless, integrated solution for merchants. Our dedication ensures your goods not only arrive promptly but are also stored and dispatched as per the distinct needs of your business.