Optimize your trucking needs.

ArmLogi trucking solutions carry containers across the border, lawn, or nation en route to warehouses or other transportation settings. Track all of it and collaborate using the ArmLogi Platform.

You remain in the Driver's Seat.

The ArmLogi Platform makes it very easy to manage trucking with the remainder of your supply chain. Track transit times, obtain milestone updates verified by onboard diagnostics, and set specifications for the carrier as well as warehouse partners to collaborate.

Easy Digitization for Truck Drivers

ArmLogi maximizes truckers’ efficiency. The purpose-drive Transmission app allows drivers to plan dropoffs and also pick-ups; after that, check to report landmarks in data in real time that paper reports could never achieve.

Transform Your Warehouse into a Powerhouse

Your warehouse will not have to request a location. ArmLogi’s Warehouse app streamlines schedulling with real-time updates from truck drivers. Expedited turns rate containers back to port for the lower danger of detention costs.

Take the Wheel as Needed

Focus on shipments in transit, obtain signals when problems emerge, and discover the root cause of network bottlenecks, all in the ArmLogi Platform. Real-time interaction assists fix exceptions in time to remain on time.
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Of ArmLogi clients state that ArmLogi permits them to manage their inventory better.

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85% of checked organizations ranked ArmLogi's convenience of using the ArmLogi Platform as much better than other brokerage firms they have examined or utilized.

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Transmission has actually been a success: in the past, an ArmLogi Procedure Affiliate spent ~ 47 minutes tracking the final distribution of an ocean container with a trucking carrier. With the app, that time decreased to just 5 mins. That's a 90% decrease.

See Accessorial Prices in Real Time
Transform “What the truck is this?” right into an understanding of price by lane, mode, and amount of time. See charges in real time in the Transmission application so that you can calculate landed expenses immediately.
Truckloads of Alternatives
ArmLogi FTL solutions can circumvent congestion or your usual mode throughout continents. If you’re crossing right into other countries, ArmLogi personalized brokers help clear items before they cross the border.
Ocean Freight Cross the ocean accurately, thanks to seas of information.
Ocean Freight Automate air cargo for a faster transit.
Ocean Freight Make use of every TEU to maintain products on the move.
Ocean Freight Go carbon neutral with one setting.